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Welcome to the Web Page of ACBL Unit 568


Welcome to our web page, created so that you may learn more about bridge in Unit 568 in South Bay Los Angeles.  On this site you can find the names and contact information for local bridge clubs, as well as information about upcoming special events within the Unit.  

Unit 568 is a volunteer organization under the umbrella of the ACBL.  The ACBL has its national headquarters in Mississippi, but it would be unworkable to govern bridge games in every region, state, and city from there.  Therefore, the ACBL has created 25 districts across the country to supervise sanctioned bridge games within their assigned areas, and these Districts are further divided into Units.  Each Unit has its own volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members.  Unit 568 is a subdivision of District 23, and has been assigned South Bay Los Angeles as its geographic area.  Unit 568 receives sanctions from the ACBL to conduct special events such as Unit Games and Sectional Tournaments.  A Unit Game is a sanctioned game conducted by the Unit with the permission of the ACBL.  The game may be held at a local bridge club, but it is not run by the club; it is run by the Unit.  A Sectional Tournament is run by the Unit so that players may win silver points locally.

We now have seven sanctioned bridge clubs within our Unit.  Their games by location, day and time are listed on the "Our Member Clubs" page.





If you would like to receive announcements about Unit games and news, please add your name to our email list.  It goes without saying that we do not use this list for any commercial purposes.  Please send your name and email address to, and you will start receiving announcements by email as soon as they are distributed.  If you are already on our email list and wish to stop, please send an email to the above address and write "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

We do not share our email list with anyone other than club owners or managers who wish to contact players about bridge matters.





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